University City contains the nation’s largest collection of intact Victorian housing stock, with three major National Register Historic Districts:

Powelton Village, Garden Court, and the West Philadelphia Streetcar Suburb.

Hakim’s Bookstore · PA Marker Dedication

Join us for the Pennsylvania historic marker dedication ceremony for Hakim’s Bookstore at 210 S. 52nd Street, Saturday, August 12, 2023 at 11am. Read more about this UCHS initiative and donate to support this effort here.

“Founded in the 1950s by Dawud Hakim, it was a center of for Black activism, advocating the power of knowledge in the fight for racial justice. During the Civil Rights Movement, it provided the Black community with alternative education and titles by Black authors.”

Text of the Pennsylvania State Historical Marker for Hakim’s Bookstore

Congratulations to Aaron Wunsch!

Recipient of the 2023 Michael Hardy Preservation Initiative Award

Read more about Aaron’s contributions and UCHS’ annual awards here.

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