Dates of Construction

When was your historic property built?

Construction dates for many historic properties can be found in lists of “street-by-street inventories”, which were compiled from nominations to the National Register.

Click a street name below to view the National Register District Inventory for that street.

Data for files linked to this page were submitted in June 1997 for the District’s nomination to the National Register for Historic Places.

Corrections and additions may have been made since then, but are not included in these files. Other changes, such as demolitions, may have occurred but are not recorded here.

More Information

Design Conference, 2019

For more information see UCHS’s Summary History of the West Philadelphia Streetcar Suburb Historic District.

Another summary is available from Wikipedia.

Baltimore Avenue

Beaumont Street 

Buckingham Place

Catherine Street

Cedar Avenue

Chester Avenue

Chestnut Street

Delancey Street

Farragut Street

Florence Avenue

Hazel Avenue

Irving Street

Kingsessing Avenue

Larchwood Avenue

Locust Street

Ludlow Street

Markoe Street

Melville Street

Osage Avenue

Pine Street

Regent Street

St.Bernard Place

St. Mark’s Square

Sansom Street

Spruce Street

Springfield Avenue

Trinity Place

Walnut Street

Walton Avenue

Warrington Street

Windsor Avenue

Woodland Avenue

Woodland Terrace

South 40th Street

South 41st Street

South 42nd Street

South 43rd Street

South 44th Street

South 45th Street

South 46th Street

South 47th Street

South 48th Street

South 49th Street

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